Map and Directions

The QEII Track Club is located in the 'Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre' (QSAC). This centre has been called a variety of names including the 'QEII Jubilee Sporting Centre' and 'ANZ Stadium'.

The QEII Track Club trains on the 'Warm Up' track which is now known as the 'State Athletic Centre' (SAC) which is to the left of the main stadium.

The entrance to the centre is from Kessels Road. As you enter the centre you have to turn left into a one way ring road. This will bring you around to plenty of car parks for the warm up track.

If you are new to the club then the best place to meet your coach will be at the attendants booth at the entrance way to the training track. The Government charges each athlete $5 per training session and there is a person in the small booth/building to your right as you enter the track. The other place you may be asked to meet is the equipment shed.